Friends, supporters, and fellow artists,

It is with heavy hearts, but much excitement for a bright future, that we announce the dissolution of the Thursdaenite Players.

We began this journey in a place that allowed each of us to pursue our passion for the stage through the guild. However, as our lives have changed and evolved for the better, we find life pulling us to different jobs, different cities, and schedules that no longer allow us to work together. Though we have always loved the idea of passing the proverbial “torch” to a future generation, we recognize we are rare breeds (it’s hard to find serious artists who want to make serious art in a nontraditional, nonacademic, and unpaid setting!).

And so, it’s time to let go.

We have learned so much about ourselves as actors, as friends, as business partners, and as members of the Richmond community.

We feel so very lucky to have been able to bring many beautiful stories to life in this wonderful community, and we are forever grateful to the countless individuals and organizations who have gone on this journey with us.

To continue our mission of giving back, we will be donating our funds, sets, and costumes to various local theatre groups, and to the charities we promoted during this past season: United Methodist Family Services and Hopetree Family Services.

We retain the name of Thursdaenite Players for our various social media outlets, so we can enjoy the memories forever. If YOU are a renegade thespian who wants to build a show and needs a name to sit under (like we once were!) please contact us via our Facebook page, or at Thursdaeniteplayers@gmail.com.

Until we meet again, “Farewell, thou art too dear for our possessing.”

~Thursdaenite Players

Kaili Belski, Violet Blaine, Hannah Brackett, Erin Bradner, Camden Cantwell, Debbie Holloway, & Amanda Shaw